Cynthia Galey Peck

About the Author

Cynthia Galey Peck’s life story unfolds amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Teton Mountains in Wyoming, where she grew up on a remote ranch. An only child, she found solace and companionship in the horses that roamed the ranch, fostering a deep connection with nature from a young age.

Her journey wasn’t without challenges. Sent to boarding school in sixth grade, Cynthia navigated social complexities, facing misunderstanding and bullying that heightened her sense of isolation.

Through life’s trials, including periods of homelessness and the loss of her second husband, Cynthia’s resilience shone. Working as a Wilderness Ranger with the Forest Service, she found solace in nature, camping alone for days, tending to mules, and crafting trails.

Her memoir, “Wyoming Ranch Girl: A Journey Seeking Respect, Security, and Solace,” is a heartfelt narrative that intertwines her life’s experiences, reflecting on resilience and the profound bond between humanity and the natural world.

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