David L. Simmons | Book Promotional Video

It is March 1968 in Washington, DC. Sam Yoke is a Capitol Hill janitor who is proud of his job and revels in the fact that he has access to valuable information with the potential to affect Black folks.

When Yoke unwittingly overhears two congressional aides discussing that it is Tennessee’s turn, he tells his buddy, Stick, a Howard University basketball star and promising NBA prospect just before they head to a club for a night of fun. After Yoke meets Kaseya, a beautiful woman who has just been fired from her job at the Department of Commerce, he is captivated by her. But his life becomes complicated when his supervisor shows up at his door the next day and tells him he has been identified as the man who overheard a confidential conversation in the restroom. Even worse yet, the FBI wants to talk to him. As Yoke learns that a country that spies on its citizens isn’t a safe haven, all hell breaks loose when he discovers that no one escapes the Capitol Hill fishbowl.

GIP is the story of a Capitol Hill janitor’s experiences after he inadvertently overhears a confidential conversation between two congressional aides. About the Author David L. Simmons was born in High Point, North Carolina. He retired from the USAF as a Security Specialist Supervisor. He studied at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Los Angeles Metropolitain Community College (Mission College), University of Maryland in Europe, and graduated from Southwest Texas State University in Law Enforcement and Security Management. He is the author of The Last Matriarch: Day of the Robin, The Last Matriarch: Bob White, and The Fishbowl.

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