Audiobook Services

Take your book to new heights by converting it into an audiobook, reaching millions of potential listeners. With our audiobook services, your masterpiece will be available on leading platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon, and Kobo, enabling you to captivate audiences with your words.

Audiobook Conversion Program

Audiobooks can fit the busy schedule of many people. Even with their smartphones, they can listen to your story everywhere they are. This can also be good for visually-impaired people.

With Findaway Voices as the third-party vendor, your audiobook can reach major retailer’s sites.

Service Inclusions

  • Choose 4 voice artists
  • Manuscript review
  • 2 rounds of file revision
  • Ownership of the final files
  • Plug-in to our social media pages and website
  • 100% royalty return with no hidden charges

Audiobook Endorsement Program

Audiobooks are great for mental and physical health. They can even help people to sleep. It has the same benefits as reading but you will have better time management. Though we listen to a voice, an audiobook can improve our comprehension skills.

Through an AUDIOBOOK ENDORSEMENT, it will be easier for you to reach your target audience.

What can you get from this service?

  • Getting connections through publicity
  • Endorsement to our partnered news media outlets
  • Rebranded book through an audiobook project

Audiobook Sample

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