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Radio Interview with Benjie Cole

Benjie Cole can lead a marketing campaign for your book on the radio. Get ready for an interview with Kate Delaney and Benjie Cole. You can even use this content on your website. The interview can give publicity to your book as it will be posted to our media partners.

Radio Interview with Kate Delaney

There can never be a better place to discuss your books than with the radio interview with Kate Delaney. You can be free to talk about your book and promote it to every listener. This is terrestrial radio coverage with our Radio Book Talk service. Be interviewed by the Emmy award-winning broadcaster, Kate Delaney on the program, WebTalkRadio’s Books on Air.


TV Interview with Dr. Carnes

Though with the latest advances in technology, it is still true that everyone loves TV. Together with YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, your book can be broadcasted through the Exclusive Interview. This is a site for artists, authors, and Christian business owners who are proud to make a difference in God’s Kingdom. The TV interview with Dr, Carnes can increase the reputation of your book.