Publishers Weekly

As part of our marketing campaign, Publishers Weekly amplifies your credibility and expands your reach. Their influential editorial voice becomes a powerful marketing tool, allowing you to demonstrate leadership and gain a competitive edge.

PW Print Ad

Through display ads, readers can engage with your book. This program includes a full-page print and online feature. We will give you sponsored posts in PW newsletters and sponsored social media posts. You can never go wrong as Publishers Weekly is read by over 68,000 people and has 16,000+ subscribers.

PW Email Blast

If you want to drive revenue with targeted messages, get our PW Email Blast service. This is your chance to reach as many potential customers. Integrate your author’s content with the PW brand. With PW Email Blast, you can target readership with an average open rate of 33%. Only by twice a day blast, you can get subscribers for your book.

PW Podcast

Podcasts are the future. Millions of people listen to podcasts because they can do this everywhere they are. PW’s sponsored podcasts are a great way to market your book. A recorded author Q & A session can make the readers know about the story of your book. They can share your experience on how you come up with a great story. As they listen to the podcast, they can be encouraged to buy and read your book.

Booklife Q & A Interview

Booklife and Publishers Weekly can give you the best way to market your book. A sponsored interview can be readily available for you. The interview can be seen at:

  • The homepage of
  • The monthly BookLife supplement of Publishers Weekly
  • The weekly BookLife Report e-newsletter

Your interview can be watched by millions of people and they can read the Q & A. You can reach people from any walk of life and they will learn about your recent books.