Vincent J. Tomeo

About the Author

Vincent J. Tomeo, a wordsmith weaving tales through verse, boasts a poetic journey studded with accolades—twice a nominee for the esteemed Pushcart Prize, a guardian of history, and a fervent advocate for community causes. His ink dances across the illustrious pages of The New York Times, Evening Street Review, Comstock Review, and many more prestigious publications. With over a thousand poems and essays to his name, 108 awards adorn his literary mantle, each earned through his profound mastery of language. From captivating readings to his delightful works like “My Cemetery Friends: A Garden of Encounters at Mount Saint Mary in Queens, New York,” and “The Usefulness of Hippopotamus: A Humorous Chapbook for Trying Times,” Tomeo’s creative brilliance casts a luminous spell upon his readers.

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